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How Do I Add a Rate Type

How Do I Add a Rate Type

When you create a new room type, you must create an accompanying rate type that will be on your booking engine and your booking channels. You may create multiple rate types per room as well as different rate types for different channels.

Adding rate types

After creating your room type, go to property details and click on the room you want to add a new rate for.

Fill in your rate type specifications. Here you may give your rate type a name, amount, add room tax and city Tax per child.

You may add a prepayment to the rate type if you’d like to receive a partial payment

You can create a package rate by including add-ons to your rate. To do this, click on “add-ons included in price”. A drop down of add-ons will be displayed and you can check the add-ons you want to add to the rate.

Set the yield rules and restrictions you’d like to add to the rate.

Click Save!

Good to know

If you don’t have a Payment Service Provider (PSP) and you add a prepayment to the rate, you will receive an error message that the payment is not validated so only do this if you have one.

When creating a parent type, the rate type occupancy should be the total number of guests your property can host.

Updated on: 16/09/2022

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