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To add the button “Book now” to your page you should have a professional company page on Facebook first. For this, you always have to have a personal Facebook page. When you are on your personal page, please go to the setting and click on “Create a page”. Choose the option that suits your hotel, apartment or B&B best which will most probably be: “Company, organization or institution”.

When you do have the professional company page in place it’s important to add all essential details like address, website and pictures. When all this is in place, you can add the button to generate bookings via Facebook.

“Book now” button – How to create one?

To place the button, please click on the blue button “Add a button” under your coverphoto. 

You’ll be asked where you want this button to lead to. We advise to send them to your website and even better to a special direct booking page if you have one. 

The URL you specify at “Link to Website” will be the page people will go to when they click “Book now”. 

Your Facebook visitors and fans can now book a room at your hotel, apartment or B&B with one easy click via your Facebook page.
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