How Can I Download Key Metrics Report With RaccoonRev

With RaccoonRev you are able to download a revenue report which gives you an overview of daily revenue performance for a selected period. You can further download a key metrics report which has your total bookings, overbookings, availability, occupancy etc.

How to download the key metric report

Navigate to the Reports tab

Choose the revenue tab.

Select your date parameters and click on the green arrow.

See the detailed reports on your bookings here.

Click Download Key metrics on the top right of your overview.

This will download an excel spreadsheet with key metrics for the dates that you’ve selected.

Good to know

On excel if you shift the tab at the top you can see a sources tab which gives you a breakdown of sources of your bookings such as direct bookings,, booking engine, direct bookings etc.

The report gives you a period at the top according to the dates given in step 3,be sure to check that you are viewing the correct report by analysing the given report.
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