How Can I Change The Style Of My Booking Engine?

Your Booking Engine is the face of your brand and speaks volumes in terms of the experience your guests can expect. Here is how to set up your ideal booking engine style using the colours, logo and font that represent your hotel or B&B.

Simply click on the Orange Settings Gear and select the Booking Engine Tab

You can easily change this by clicking on the wheel in your system, navigate here to the tab Booking Engine.

On the right you will see the Branding section.

Logo: Upload your logo here. Please note that the logo also appears on your invoices, so be careful with all white logos. We recommend that you always put an outline around it.

Colours: You can choose a light background (Light Theme) and the standard colours or select your own colour scheme.

Font: There are a number of font options from classic to modern available. You can choose the font that suits your accommodation the best.

The look and feel of your Booking Engine is half the battle, so make sure it looks neat and tidy!
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