How can I ask for a prepayment?

With RaccoonPay you can set your rates to require partial or full prepayment. The guest is then asked to pay the deposit when making a reservation.

How does it work?
Click on the key icon in top left corner.
Click on the price type on which you want to request the prepayment or create a new price type.
Scroll down until you reach prepayment. Add the desired amount (from 10% to 100%).
Click on save.

Good to know.
When asking for a prepayment it is important that the Booking Engine doesn't run through an iFrame on your website. With an iFrame, the pre-payments cannot be redirected to the payment page.
You can also just ask for a credit card as guarantee. These are not charged directly! The booker does not have a credit card? No problem, when filling in both nationality and language the available payment methods for the respective guest will be displayed. (For example, for Dutch guests an IDEAL payment will be possible.)
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