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Housekeeping List

Housekeeping List

Your housekeeping list is a great tool for saving you time and making your guest experience that much more special by allowing for better management of the daily running of your property.

Here we explain how you can get the most out of the housekeeping tool.

Find your Housekeeping Tab when you click on the Calendar Icon

The housekeeping list shows all the rooms that are in use and that have recently checked out that need to be cleaned

The icon in the column clean will display which rooms need to be cleaned. You can also check whether your guests have checked out or are currently staying in a room, as well as the period of their stay, how many nights they have left and the amount of guests per room, which is very useful for housekeeping!

When you click on the grey Cleaning Icon it will indicate that the room is ready to be cleaned by showing a Green Tick

Remarks: The remarks the hotelier makes when the reservation is created will be visible to the housekeepers as this may come in handy when going through their tasks.

If something has broken or a room needs maintenance beyond the normal cleaning routine you can click again on the cleaning icon and an exclamation mark will show up, you can then outline what duties are required in the extra tasks section.

Add ons: You can make specific add ons visible in the housekeeping list if you click on your Property Set Up under your Add Ons Tab selecting the add on you want visible eg: Rose petals on bed and checking the housekeeping list toggle to the right of your screen.

Once your list has been prepared you can either print it out or email it directly to the housekeepers at the top right of your screen.

A link will appear in the email that housekeeping will then open, directing them to their own online manager where they can check off their tasks.

Good To Know

You can filter your rooms at the top left of the list by date or by their task status ie:
All / Clean / Dirty / Maintenance

The icons at the bottom and top right of your list give an easy overview of the status of your housekeeping tasks.

Shows you how many rooms are on the list

Indicates how many rooms need to be cleaned

Indicates how many rooms require maintenance.

Indicates how many rooms are checking out.

Shows how many rooms are currently occupied.

Updated on: 23/08/2022

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