Hotellab Connection

Hotellab is an international revenue management system that integrates with RoomRaccoon offering a number of developments in revenue management, marketing and cost optimisation.

How to connect to Hotellab

RoomRaccoon will forward the hotel credentials to Hotellab.

Hotellab will forward their hotel ID.

RoomRaccoon will send a push request to send all the reservations.

This will send all reservation data to Hotellab based on the rules that you have set up.

RoomRaccoon will receive rate updates and forward this to all of the channels.

Benefits of Hotellab

Machine learning - Algorithms are based on deep data analysis

End to end site analytics - Track the path of each online booking

Demand forecasting - High accuracy through trend analysis

Market data - Own data collection and integration with OTA insight

Reporting - Daily reports for the entire hotel team

Cost Accounting - GOPPAR and hotel profit forecasting

Good to know

Adding the Hotellab connection will account for one upgrade slot. See more on our updated pricing policy.

With the Hotellab connection, you can link more than one rate plan with RoomRaccoon.
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