RoomRaccoon has a function within the system called channel correction. Its name may scare some users, but what is a price deviation and how can I deal with it?

The price deviation

The price deviation actually says everything it does. There is a demonstrable difference between RoomRaccoon and the channel in question which causes the price to adjust both with a minus amount and sometimes with a higher amount. The price deviation ensures that the correct amount is always communicated between the guest and the hotel. 

How do I get a price deviation?
There are a number of recognisable scenarios to which a price deviation is linked. Promotions in another channel, discount code, different way in which tourist tax is charged, arrangements that are linked, etc. However, the most common scenario is a promotion that is enabled for a channel that RoomRaccoon does not recognise in its Channel Manager. An example of this is:

Example 1: RoomRaccoon has a 1 guest rate of 80,- in the channel manager and with Booking this is also 80,-. A guest books via Booking and receives a 10% discount because of the Genius Status, making their price 72,- per night. In RoomRaccoon it will become visible that there is a price deviation of -8,00 euro to communicate the right price. 

Example 2: An arrangement has been made of a price type and this is linked to the external channel. If there is a price of 80,- per night and 50,- one-off cleaning costs linked to this rate, RoomRaccoon will enter this as a price deviation because this amount of 50,- can not be placed. So if you work with mandatory add-ons, please let us know so that we can set this up together with you in the right way.

Checking your price deviation is easy!

There are always a number of checks that can be done to find out where the price deviation comes from:

Check your history to see if there has been a change in the reservation.
Check the reservation itself in the channel to see if there is a discount or a change in the original reservation. For example, was a rate booked at the time of a promotion, or was it first booked for 2 guests and later changed to 4?
Check the current status and price in your channel manager and compare it with the extranet.
Does the tourist tax in your system match the tax in your channel? This can also cause a price deviation!

I know where my price deviation comes from, what is the best way to deal with it?

If you have seen where the price deviation comes from today, you can always remove the price deviation from the system and make the adjustment to either the accommodation or the add-ons. For example, if the room price is 100, - but because a last minute promotion subtracts 10, -, you can click on the pencil to adjust the room price to 90, - in this case and remove the price deviation. This way, your invoice will be completely correct again.

Expedia Collect bookings

Finally, we have the Expedia Collect bookings. There will always be a price deviation here, because when using this principle, RoomRaccoon does not get the booked amount but the amount from which the commission has already been deducted. On the left side of your reservation you will see in the OTA comments how much can be charged from the virtual credit card excluding the commission. For example, you can adjust the price calculation to this amount by making an add-ons in a minus amount and deducting the commission. A split invoice can then be made with the full accommodation amount for the guest so that the guest sees nothing of the commission and then a separate invoice where the commission is deducted.
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