Hey, what's new?!

RoomRaccoon is always doing their best to make the system better. Over the last few years a lot has changed and we can imagine it might be a little hard to keep track of everything that's going on. For that reason, we have added the what's new button in your account which will give you a little ring each time something is new! It provides you with general information but also personalised information that is especially for you! To view the what's new section, click on the bell icon on your left hand side of your screen. At the top you will see suggested tips and tricks based on your personal account. You can improve immediately by clicking on the improve button. It will bring you straight to the Help Centre which will explain how to improve on that specific feature.

Scroll down and you will see all information regarding new features. Never miss a thing! Read all about the latest RoomRaccoon news!

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