GuestCompass by Hotek Connection

RoomRaccoon offers a connection with GuestCompass by Hotek. This innovative key solution allows users to access a digital key in a secure environment. The keyless entry relieves pressure from the reception and gives guests access to their room via their mobile phones.

To execute the connection with RoomRaccoon we need the following:

Provide us with a static IP Address (this is an unchanging IP address)

Provide RoomRaccoon with an open port.

Benefits of GuestCompass

Keyless entry - You can focus more time on personalizing and enhancing the guest experience without the need of worrying about admin tasks such as key administration.

Communication - Connect with your guests online with the Webapp with your own logo, style and branding.

Webapp for your guests - Research shows that a hotel guest is not willing to download an app for a stay of just 2 to 3 nights. GuestCompass is therefore directly accessible via the internet in the hotel or even before arrival. You don’t have to download anything.

Room folder - Digitize the room folder, always up to date and entirely paperless.

Cross-sell - With this added touchpoint, you can surprise and connect the guest just before arrival and during the stay and offer your services.

Good to know

RoomRaccoon will not be able to assist with providing a static IP Address or open port to execute the connection, this solely relies on the Hotelier to provide us with this data. However, your IT manager should be able to assist with acquiring and providing this data.

There is a replace tag in the documents titled %room key%. Use this tag in the document you want the room key to be in e.g Online check-in so that the guest already has their key access at the time of check-in. A great added feature as it’s fully automated and reduces time on admin and contact.

Adding the GuestCompass connection will account for one upgrade slot. See more on our updated pricing policy.
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