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Group Reservations

In Roomraccoon you can connect various rooms to one reservation by linking the rooms to the main booker if you have a large business group or family at your property.

Here are a few key points on group reservations and how to create them.

All rooms booked within a group always have to have the same arrival and departure dates however you can link group reservations with different dates.

Add-ons are always booked to the group as a whole, not one particular room. However, you can decide to split the bill and group rooms and respective add-ons together.

You can change the status of the rooms separately.

This is only a visual aid though and will not influence anything else other than the colour in the agenda (once a room has been checked in, it will turn green)

How to Create a Group Reservation

Create a reservation from your agenda by clicking on one of the blocks.

Enter the dates of the booking.

Enter the guest details if you have them for that room.

Add another room to the booking at the bottom of the guest details section.

You will then be able to select the rooms you want to include in the group reservation.

Once your rooms have been selected click on Add selected rooms.

Enter Guest details and Click Save.

Good To Know

If one person stays longer or shorter, this room has to be split from the group and entered separately. Find out how to create a separate booking here.

If the guest’s want one invoice for all rooms, simply set the price of the separate room to 0 and add it into the "discount/addition" field to the group.

You can change the status of the rooms separately.

All reservations marked with a blue corner in your agenda pertain to group bookings and light up together when you hover over one.
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