Grey Rooms Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a grey room?

Simply add a new room in your room settings and add your grey room name. In the category to be assigned click on “none” to ignore the room in the occupancy rates.

What can I use grey rooms for?

Grey rooms can be used for a variety of functions including as conference rooms, a bar or a wedding venue. You can also use the grey rooms as a parking agenda and a waiting list for guests.

Are grey rooms free?

Grey rooms are free on RoomRaccoon, provided you do not issue more than four invoices per month from the grey rooms. After 4 invoices your grey rooms will be charged like a white room.

When are grey rooms billed on your RoomRaccoon subscription?

When four or more invoices are issued within a month from grey rooms, they are charged at the same rate as one of your white rooms. It is important to note that if you are on an annual subscription and you issue four or more invoices from grey rooms, an additional invoice will be issued for the additional subscription price.

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Click here for more on how to create grey rooms.
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