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Google Hotel Ads Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay a commission on Google Hotel Ads?
The commission you pay is only for the reservations that are released and paid for, meaning you only pay per stay.

Do I still pay commission if the guest cancels the reservation?
You will not pay for any reservations that are cancelled.

How do I pay the commission on Google Hotel Ads?
RoomRaccoon will send through a monthly invoice for the reservations booked through Google Ads and ensure that your commission is paid.

The rates on my website are already lower and now I need to pay a commission on them, what do I do?
Find out how to implement a discount code permanently on your website here.

How do I generate a report showing how many bookings I’ve received through Google Hotel Ads for a specific period?
For information on creating reports for Google Hotel Ads and all other external Booking Channels click here.

How do I find bookings created via Google Hotel Ads for a certain stay period?

In the Calendar section select the Reservations tab.
Enter the dates you wish to view.
Select Google Hotel Ads from the Origin of Booking drop down menu. This will show you the bookings created through GHA for that specific stay period.

Good To Know

Google will not reflect any changes that are made to reservations if they are made after the dates of the reservation.
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