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Google Hotel Ads

Would you like to have your booking engine on Google? This is possible with the link from Google Hotel Ads, with this connection you can compete against external channels!

What is Google Hotel Ads?

Price comparison for your active external channels
Compete against other OTAs
Direct bookings via Google

How to activate Google Hotel Ads
Click on the orange gear
Open "Connectivity" tab
and click on the Google Hotel Ads box to activate it

For more information on how to be a hotel supplier on Google, CLICK HERE.

TIP: Would you like to be at the top of the Google Hotel Ads search? Make sure your prices are lower than your external channels. We advise you to manage your rate types per channel separately! In this way you can easily compete against external channels.

How do I get to the top of the list like that? By making your prices lower than the external channels, you will appear at the top of the list.
Do I pay commission to Google Hotel Ads? Yes, you pay per stay. Please read the conditions when activating Google Hotel Ads to find out more.
Do I still pay commission if the guest cancels the reservation? No, you pay per stay and not per reservation.
How do I pay the commission to Google Hotel Ads? You will receive a monthly invoice from RoomRaccoon for the reservations from Google Ads and we will ensure that your commission is paid to Google.

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