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Many people have a real hate - love relationship with external booking channels. You often don't want it, but you can't do without them! There are easy ways to get high in the ranking at Booking for example, without using discounts. How you do that, we explain!

Booking is often used as the 'Google of the Hotel world'. When people search for a room in a certain location, Booking is of course super convenient to use to search. then people often go to their own website to complete their reservation. This is of course what you want, but the pressure of Booking remains great and we understand that. 

RoomRaccoon is designed to have everything centrally in one place and therefore it is advisable to set a number of things on your external channels so that you don't have to go to your extranets even less. 

Automatic messages
According to, setting up automatic messages per week not only saves you 4 hours, but if set correctly, your profile also scores better. The most important and easiest opportunities where this can be retrieved are:

Set automatic messages for bed type requests
Set up automatic messages for parking lot requests
Set up automatic messages for check-in and check-out

This can be done in your extranet. However, you always have control over this, because you can manage and change the settings for your automatic answers yourself (and also which templates you use) in 'Message preferences', under the 'Accommodation' tab of your extranet.
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