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Finance Reports: Overview

The Financial reports reflect actual payments received. These are amounts from paid / unpaid invoices and payment dates (not stay dates)

Finance Reports

The finance report under the finance tab shows how much revenue you have generated in actuality per ledger per month, the VAT charge totals and Net Amounts generated per month, balanced with the different payment methods used.

Revenue that has not been allocated to a ledger will appear as unallocated.

Fiscal reports can be downloaded per year and per month and used for accounting and bookkeeping purposes.


Your balances automatically reflect your revenue according to the payment methods used as well as the amount of City tax charged for each month.

The balances are also categorised per ledger, per month and reflect the amounts according to invoice and payment dates.

Note that only reservation payments that are reserved, checked in, checked in online and checked out are included.

Debtors Report

The debtors report reflects the total amount of revenue owed to your hotel.

Here you can view the total amount currently due (those that have not yet reached their due payment date) and the total amount that is overdue (past their due payment date)

Payment due dates can be set in the Account Settings

Debtors reports reflect the invoices that are overdue not the invoices that haven’t reached their payment date

You can easily send an overdue invoice reminder email from here, as well as search for specific overdue invoices.

Important to know: Even if the total due amount in your booking may show 0, an invoice can still appear on this list as due or overdue if the payment wasn't linked to the invoice. A red question mark signals that a payment still has to be linked:

Good To Know

RoomRaccoon can link your accounting package to your RoomRaccoon PMS of Twinfield, Exact Online, QuickBooks and SnelStart that make your life a lot easier.

The financial report is not like the Performance reports which is a managerial overview of how your business is performing and reflects the revenue you have converted in a certain period.

Revenue is automatically added to the correct general ledger account, so you no longer have to enter them manually.

In addition to turnover of accommodation, tourist tax and add-ons, additional payments are automatically added.
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