Failure of Instant EFT With Peach Payment - When the Payment Was Successful

When a guest makes a payment via the booking engine, they can get an error that the payment hasn’t been validated without any reason.

The instant EFT payments take 48 hours to clear out meaning the reason that this error may occur can be hard to establish.

This however could be due to a few reasons

Interference with Internet or connection while making the payment.

Unstable weather conditions.

Load Shedding

When any of the above interferences occur, the bank logs that interference and establishes that there could be an issue with the payment hence the transaction doesn’t clear for security reasons.

These interferences/issues usually happen in remote areas usually out of town - especially if the people are in that area when making the booking.

What do you do when you experience this interference?

Peach payment has two models.

Aggregator Model

Aggregator model (Option 1) - More complex to pick up because funds only get paid out to hotelier every Thursday. So they will only be able to see every Thursday if they’ve received the payment.

Payment will only reflect on console after 48 hours.

You may contact Peach payment to find out if payment went through however it may take a long time before they can confirm the payment.

Their own peach payment console won’t be able to see if the payment has been made.

ISO Model

ISO Model (Option 2 & 3) - When an interference happens with these options it’s very easy to pick up and payments will sync often.

Good to know

Unsuccessful payments do not show up on your reservations.

Other common reasons for unsuccessful transactions are incorrect passwords or insufficient funds because you are using the wrong account type.
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