DPO Connection

DPO is a subsidiary of Paygate which manages payments in African countries outside of South Africa.

To set up the connection

The user must create an account with DPO via the website.

DPO will provide you with a token.

On payments in RoomRaccoon (card icon). Access the payment settings tab and click on “Online payments via DPO group and click Save.

RoomRaccoon needs a company token and service type from DPO to setup up the connection.

Once this has been done you can request RoomRaccoon to check that the connection is live via our ticketing centre.

Advantages of DPO

DPO is fully automated and online

3DS Secure which also means there’s no risk of chargebacks.

Guarantee to have pre-payment or full amount paid by the time the guest confirms the booking.

Good to know

When a payment is made, this will appear in the payments tab so there is no need to manually add the payment as this will be added automatically to RoomRaccoon.
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