Dormakaba Connection

Dormakaba is a flexible and integrated key system that can be explicitly adapted to your needs. Dormakaba offers comprehensive consultancy towards operating processes and enhancing security.

Dormakaba solutions include the following

Access management and administration - An overview of all access rights for guests and staff

Mobile access solutions - Convenient, reliable, and secure smartphone access to hotel rooms

Automated access to guest rooms - Secure, beautifully designed hotel locks

Contactless access - Automated, touch-less solutions for hygiene and infection protection measures

How to Activate the Connection

Provide RoomRaccoon with a username and password.

RoomRaccoon will facilitate the mapping.

Good to know

Adding the Dormakaba connection will account for one upgrade slot. See more on our updated pricing policy.

There is a replace tag in the documents titled %room key%. Use this tag in the document you want the room key to be in e.g. Online check-in confirmation so that the guest already has their key access at the time of check-in. A great added feature as it’s fully automated and reduces time on admin and contact.
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