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Describe Your Property - Onboarding

When you compile your RaccoonPay documents it’s important that you enter the most accurate property details. Please note that this screen requires the details of the property and not the details of the owner so be sure to provide your property’s name, email address, number and physical address.

Upload registration document - this is the document that the government provides when you register your business.

To upload the registration document:

Click “Browse”

Choose the document from your files (you can save this on downloads) and click open.

You’ll see an attachment at the bottom with your file name to let you know it has been attached

If the business entity is not obliged to register in a Chamber of Commerce in a certain jurisdiction, the operation of business/holiday accommodation is proven by other documentation;

By example an insurance policy that states:

Name insurance company

Trade name of the merchant

Address of accommodation(s)

Validity of policy

Please note: The registration document should not be older than 6 months and it should have an issue date for it to be valid

Good to know

Your documents are not kept on the RoomRaccoon database and are only used for verification and compliance purposes.
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