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DateV Manual (German Accounting)

Working with DateV

The Datev import is made up of two parts:

Invoices (these need to be uploaded into DateV Rechnungswesen)
Payments (These need to be uploaded into DateV Unternehmen Online. It is not possible to use the imports without DateV UO.)

The files can be downloaded in the reports section under the "Accounting" tab:

DateV is based on invoices. This means:

Revenue which isn't invoiced won't be included in the import. This means, that you need to create a partial invoice for prepayments, if the rest isn't paid within the same month.
Payments which aren't linked to an invoice, won't be included in the import. The red exclamation mark indicated, that a payment is not linked:

Click on the small invoice icon and select the invoice to which the payments needs to be linked:

If an invoice is credited in the same month, it is not necessary to add payments. The invoices will then look like this:

The same goes for an unpaid invoice from a previous month.

If a paid invoice from a previous month is credited, the payments linked to it are already registered in DateV. This means that you have to credit those payments as well. You can do this by linking negative payments to the credit note. The invoices will then look like this:

Debtor management

Important: You can only use one debtor for all guests.

Every invoice which isn't linked to a payment will be a debtor invoice by default and will show in the debtor report. The payment method "Bank transfer" is meant to indicate a payment that was received via bank transfer and should only be chosen and added once the payment is received.


Once DateV is set up and also when you add new add-ons, you need to link them to a ledger to make sure that they are invoiced with the correct VAT.

You can also do this in the booking itself if the add-on is not registered in RoomRaccoon:

If you didn't do this, the following error message will appear and prevent you from creating an invoice:

Missing ledger.

If you want to credit an add-on which has already been invoiced, you have to register it again with a negative amount and make sure you link it to the same ledger as the original add-on:

For the accountant

The XML file, which contains the revenue, need to be uploaded to DateV Unternehmen Online using the "Belegtransfer". The CSV file, which contains the payments, needs to be uploaded into DateV Rechnungswesen directly.

It is important that the Unternehmen Online is set up on "item level" (in German: Positionsebene) and not on "summary level" (in German Summenebene). The distribution onto the respective ledgers will only take place at the "item level". In addition to that, the editor rights need to be "advanced".

Updated on: 25/07/2022

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