Creating Custom Reports

Custom reporting allows you to make very specific searches and reports based on a chosen time frame as well as various other specific options.

Under your reservations tab you will find every reservation that has been entered into the system, from here you already have quite a few useful filters you can use to narrow your reservations down to, for example if you want to view all of your reservations according to a specific status or see which reservations have been sent a pro forma or tax invoice you can use the filters above each column.

If you’re seeking a more detailed and specific overview of your reservation data you can create a custom report.

Here’s how:

Click on the Reservations Tab from your Calendar view.

Click on the plus sign to the right of your screen to choose your filters.

Give your custom report a name depending on the specific report requirements.

You can then select which fields you want included in your report by choosing to either Show or Hide the various fields.

If selecting to Show a field and marking the circle to the right you have the option of filtering the time period before or after the current day.

Once you have made all of your choices you can click on the Save Preset button

Now in your reservations list you can select a time period from and to.

Choose your custom report from the right of your screen and from here you are able to download the relevant data pertaining to that specific report.

Good to know!

All filter options are connected with an 'and' and not by an 'and/or'. This means that only the reservations that meet all chosen requirements will be visible.


Most recent import: This is the most recent reservation created.

Date added: This is the date the reservation was added to your system and can be set to a value of days / months before or after the current day.

Date checked out: With this filter you can search for the day a reservation’s status changes to checked out.

Date invoice sent: This option will show you the date on which you sent the invoice.

Follow up date: This is the date on which an invoice payment reminder is sent out.

Room number: This option allows you to search for reservations booked for a specific room or for the whole accommodation.

Rate plan: Use this option to select or find reservations under specific or all rate plans.

Category name: Search for specific reservations per category.

Guest name: Here you can search for reservations made by the guest, just note that the booker is not included in this search. When searching for the guest names, suggestions will automatically appear.

Booker: Locate reservations made by a specific booker, be sure not to confuse this search function with the guest! When searching for bookers automatic suggestions will appear.

Company: Search for reservations according to the company details attached to the booking.

Country: By activating this filter, you can limit the list to a specific country, provided it is known.

Status: With this filter you can search for the status of the reservation.

Add-on names: Show reservations with the names of specific add-ons.

Payment method: Select which reservations have been paid for with specific payment methods.

Total price: This function searches for the total calculated amount of the booking price, you can also narrow your search down to amounts from and to a certain value.

City Tax: Select to show the City Tax amounts as well as narrow your search down to amounts from and to a certain value.

Due: This is the amount still owed to you as shown in the price calculation.

Prepaid: These are the recorded payments that have been received in relation to your reservations.

Add on price: Choose to show the price list of add ons for a reservation as well as narrow your search down to add on amounts from and to a certain value.

Accommodation Price: Choose to show the price of the accommodation as well as narrow your search down to the amounts from and to a certain value.

Price discount: Choose to show the discount amount if applicable from and to specific amounts.

Origin of booking: This option shows which OTA’s the reservation is booked from.

Invoiced nights: Choose to view the nights that have been invoiced.

Number of guests: Select to see reservations according to the amount of guests that were part of the booking.

Reminder: This shows whether a payment reminder has been followed up or still needs to be sent.

OTA Reservation number: This is the booking number of the OTA, such as This reservation number can be found under the RoomRaccoon reservation number.

Description: This shows the discount coupon codes used.

Remarks: View the remarks entered for specific reservations.

OTA comments: These are the comments that are sent through from the OTA.

Good to know!
The lists you create will be updated all the time. If you get a new reservation, it will be added to the created list as soon as it matches the values.

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