Creating a Voucher Discount Code for Future Use

RoomRaccoon understands the need for hotels to be flexible now more than ever during these unprecedented pandemic times. A 2020 study notes that 73% of customers cited free cancellations as the reason for booking a property. This is understandable considering limitations on travel with the pandemic.

If a guest is not able to visit your property after making a booking, one way you can mitigate a direct cancellation is by crediting them with a discount code for their next visit. This way presents an alternative to direct cancellations. You can set date parameters on the validity of the discount code.

Go to the settings icon and enter the Booking Engine tab.

Scroll down to the discount codes tab and create your unique discount code.

Add the name of the Voucher. One way to do this is to add guest name and value (see below)

Select the voucher/discount value and then click on single-use. Add the expiration date

Add date parameters/period which the discount code will affect.

Click Save at the top right of the screen.

Your guest can now use this discount code when they are ready to visit your property again. All they have to do is enter this on the Booking Engine.

Good to know

For more on creating discount codes, click here

You can choose to discount by percentage or currency value. If the guest has already paid you would rather discount the amount.

There’s a limit of 250 discount codes that you may issue.
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