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Contactless Stay

Accommodations with the Contactless Stay label do everything possible to ensure a COVID-19 safe stay, without compromising the comfort of the guest. You can download our Contactless Stay sticker for your website. In this way, your guests are immediately aware that they can stay safely at your accommodation.

To comply with the quality of label, we recommend using these RoomRaccoon features:
Online Check-in
Online payments or via the RaccoonPay contactless pin device
Online upselling with RaccoonUpsell
Keyless access to the rooms (when possible)

In addition, it is important that you take the following measures on location:
Thorough cleaning/disinfection of rooms and communal areas for every stay
Meals as room service
Hand disinfectant dispensers in communal areas
Provide 1.5 meters distance between the guests and the team

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