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Connect RoomRaccoon to Lightspeed!

With the link between Lightspeed and RoomRaccoon, keeping track of your Hotel and Restaurant has never been easier. Would people like to have the bill for the restaurant in their room? No problem, with a click of the mouse everything is booked in the right room. No mistakes and nothing can be forgotten!

Lightspeed is today a multinational SAAS company and an industry leader in cloud POS solutions. 

How can I get this connection?
If you already have a package with Lightspeed and would like to link it to RoomRaccoon's PMS, you can send a message in the chat. We will then discuss with you what steps can be taken. 

If you don't have a Lightspeed package yet, we will also provide you with a short demo of this product within RoomRaccoon. It explains in detail how the POS works and you will also see that visually these two programs integrate almost seamlessly with each other. 

**Interested in a Lightspeed demo? 

Updated on: 13/03/2020

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