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Connect a reservation

Do you have a guest who returns on a weekly basis and would you like to invoice this in one go? This is now possible by linking the reservations together!

Open the reservation of the guest's next arrival date.
Click on the 'link' icon of the reservation.
Search the reservation by name or reservation number, select the reservation you want to link and click on save.

You will now notice that an extra bar appears with the date of the other reservation, would you like to change the rate type of the reservation? Open the reservation by clicking on it and a pop-up of this reservation will appear where you will be able to make any required adjustments.

Would you like to add an extra reservation? Click on '+ add' to add another reservation.
You are able to recognise reservations as linked by the indication of the green corner.

Accidentally linked the wrong reservation? Unlinking the reservation is easy!

Linked reservations must meet the following conditions:
- There should be no payment in the reservation that you want to link as payments can only be placed in the main reservation.
- The reservation cannot be linked to reservations booked through an OTA (Expedia and if there are changes on the side of the OTA, the reservations can no longer be processed.

Updated on: 22/04/2020

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