Closing a room automatically when another room is booked

The system can automatically close another room when another room is booked. This works in 2 differents ways, on roomtype level or on roomlevel.

On what different ways can the system close rooms automatically?
Example: I have 2 different rooms, room A and B, together they are a family room. When the family room is booked, room A and B will be closed automatically. When room A or B is booked the family room will be automatically closed. This works the best way on roomtype level.

Example: I have 1 house with several rooms. The house is devided in 2 different groups: group A is for 1 untill 10 persons and group B is for 10 untill 20 persons. When the smaller group is booked less rooms are open in the same house, when the bigger group is booked all rooms are open. Therefore I have made 2 listings on my booking channels. When group A is booked automatically group B will be closed and vice versa. This works the best way on roomtype level.

Example: I have a hostel with multiple beds in a room. When a bed is booked, the room should automatically close. When the room is booked, als of the bed of that specific room should close. This works best way on roomlevel.

How does it works on roomtype level?
Go to the left top to the > room key icon
For room A and B a new categorie should be created
Navigate to the tab > rooms and create a room for A and B. Make sure they are connected to the correct categorie. Please note: Don't add more rooms to this category since they will be blocked as well.
Go back to > category
Create a new category again for the family room
Navigate back to the tab > rooms en create 1 room for the family room
Please contact our customer support team to inform which roomstypes should be connected to each other.

How does it work on roomlevel?
There is no need for a specific set up for this, set up your account as you would like.
Please contact our customer support team to inform which rooms should be connected to each other.
And to activate the option > auto assign. > On roomlevel auto assign needs to be activated to avoid you are being overbooked.

Good to know
Your subscription fee will not change when you have rooms that close the other rooms automatically.
Auto assign must be activated, rooms will not show in the pop-up anymore and will be place directly in the agenda.
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