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Checklist for the Channel Manager

Checklist for the Channel Manager

The Channel Manager can be fully set up to your preference and needs. Our PMS allows you to have restrictions on your channel manager and these include:

Restrictions on check-in and check-out over a specified time.
Restrictions on the minimum or maximum stay days.

This is very important because when RoomRaccoon connects to your external channels, our Channel Manager will have supreme control overriding any external restrictions that you might have.

Please note: For all OTAs either name the rate by the OTA e.g. Airbnb or or simply add (OTA) so its easily recognizable.

Closed for a while during holidays? We would advise you to block those days in your PMS blocking all rooms and changing the status to blocked (blocked status does not influence occupancy). This way you will be able to see the blocked period in your calendar as well.

Good to know:

We connect with multiple channels, to find out more on this click here.
Click here for a guide on blocking off rooms

Updated on: 25/07/2022

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