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Checklist Categories and Rate types

Checklist Categories and Rate types

At RoomRaccoon we understand that your property caters to different kinds of guests. This is why we encourage our hoteliers to create different rate types for each room category. We advise you to have a separate rate per guest (even if you price your guest per unit).

A “per guest” rate is important for city tax fees and add-ons which are calculated per person.

This also assists in mapping clear rates on your booking engine and how we connect and link with external channels e.g 1 Guest, 2 Guests, 3 Guests etc.

Make sure you add photos to the categories. (Max 25 photos, Max 20MB per photo)

Do you offer different rates between your website and other channels?
RoomRaccoon gives you the ability to easily set rates and restrictions on multiple channels.

If you have non-refundable rates RoomRaccoon allows you to make separate rates and links these to your various channels.

Good to know:

If you offer your booking engine in multiple translations e.g Dutch, German, Spanish, etc. Be sure to translate the rate type names and descriptions accordingly.

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Updated on: 05/09/2022

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