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Checklist Categories and Rate types

Create new categories for each category! Do not try and create one rate type for multiples categories, all categories should have their separate rate types. Each category has its own rate type, so even if your '1 Guest' rate is always the same for all of your categories, it must be created separately.

There must be a separate rate per guest. Even if your price for 1 or 2 guests are the same. This is important for the city tax and add-ons that are calculated per person, but also in the way in which it is portrayed in the booking engine as well as how we connect and link with external channels. Eg: 1 Guest, 2 Guests, 3 Guests etc.

If you choose to make your booking engine available in, for example, Dutch, German, Spanish, etc., make sure that you also translate the rate type names and the descriptions of the categories. The translations are hung under the tab headings.

Make sure you add photos to the categories. (Max 25 photos, Max 20MB per photo)

Do you offer different rates on your own website or on or another channel? Then it is imperative that you create separate rates types for all the respective platforms, otherwise you cannot vary the prices. The nice thing about having different rate types for different platforms is that you can hang different restrictions on the different channels’ rates types.

EG: 1 Guest (Booking), 2 Guests (Booking); 1 Guest (Expedia), 2 Guest(Expedia) or 1 Guest (OTA), 2 Guest (OTA) [OTA = Online Travel Agency].

Non-Refundable rates? Here, you would also make separate rates. Like 1 Guest (Non-Refundable). We then link these with the non-refundable rates on the various channels.

Checklist Add-ons and Package Deals

Do you have cleaning costs? Create a package deal to make them mandatory!

Do you have add-ons that are not bookable for every room? Only select the relevant add-ons in the relevant categories that should be bookable in the specified room.

Want to have certain add-ons visible on your housekeeping or breakfast list? Simply tick where you want the add-ons to be visible, when setting them up.

If you want add-ons to come from an external channel to RoomRaccoon, you will have to create that add-on under the exact same name as on your other channel.

Checklist documents

You have set up the documents in the languages you have set up your Booking Engine.

Name the document and note that the name of the documents is also the subject of the email which your guests will receive. Therefore name the document appropriately as this will be visible to guests.

Automated document templates have already been put in the system by us, but of course you can use your own initiative and set them up as you please.

If you prefer to configure these documents manually, create a custom document instead of selecting the automatic documents.
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