Checklist Add-ons and Package Deals

Do you have cleaning costs? Create a package deal to make these costs mandatory.
Do you have add-ons that are not bookable for every room? Only select the relevant add-ons in the relevant categories that should be bookable in the specified room.
Do you want to have certain add-ons visible on your housekeeping or breakfast list? Simply tick where you want the add-ons to be visible when setting them up.

Email Documents

Given the personally tailored experience you’d like to give to your guests, you might want to set up documents in the languages you have set up your Booking Engine.
Automated document templates are pre-set on RoomRaccoon however you can set them up to your preference.

If you prefer to configure documents manually, create a custom document instead of selecting the automatic documents.

Good to know

The document name is also the subject of the email which your guests will receive. Be sure to note this when creating a document name.
If you want add-ons to come from an external channel to RoomRaccoon, you will have to create that add-on under the exact same name as on your other channel.
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