Checklist 3

Booking Engine
Add a logo
Choose the theme, colours and a font
Fill out the booking conditions
Have your guests pay the outstanding amount at the online check in if you wish
Choose which information you want the booker to fill in when booking
Choose in which languages your booking engine is available (note: your own input of the system is not automatically translated, you have to do this yourself)
Choose whether prices should be shown including or excluding tourist tax and add-ons
Choose whether advance payments should be calculated including tourist tax and add-ons
Choose until what time you are bookable for the same day and until what time guests can check in
Click on the green "book" button to view your booking engine
Use the URL from the address bar of the booking engine (after pressing the 'book' button) to place the booking engine on your own website

You have set up the documents in the languages in which you set up your Booking Engine.
The name of the document is also the subject of the mail that is sent to the guest. Give all the documents a nice name and not document 1, document 2, etc.
There are automatic templates in the system but of course you can also be a little creative with it. If you prefer to do it yourself, then instead of an automatic document, you can select custom template.
Add your automated documents; you may want to create your own document per room type.
Make sure your pre-arrival email is set and contains the replacetag %onlinecheckin% if desired. Go to account -> email settings to indicate how many days before the check in date this mail should be sent automatically.
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