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All existing future bookings are placed in your agenda except bookings.

The reservations from the Demo have been removed. This means that the test reservations have been removed from when the demo was given to you. These usually have the names Janssen, Verhees, etc. If they are still there, they will be included in your reports.

The add-ons of the demo account have been removed. This means, for example, if you do not offer a minibar, that these have also been removed from your system. These are difficult to remove later on.

Make sure the add-ons that were previously set up in the system are removed, as you don’t want to make add-ons available to guests if you can’t provide them. These add-ons are difficult to remove later on, so it islets to do it before going live.

Confirm that you have not set up your iCals yet. iCals are channels such as AirBnB that work through an export and import link, this should only be done later on.

Updated on: 25/10/2021

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