Checklist 1

Give your categories nice and clear names (these names will be visible on the booking engine: e.g. Deluxe Suite)
Add descriptions and translate these to the other languages available on your booking engine.
Add photos of the room/rooms in that category
Check all the add-ons guest can add to their reservation

Rate plans
Give your rates a clear name (the name will be visible on the booking engine, booking confirmation and the invoice. E.g. 1 Guest - incl. breakfast).
For each amount of guests you need to have a separate rate, even if your rates for 1 and 2 guests are the same. This is because of the city tax (which is calculated per person), with the way the rates are visible on the booking engine and the set up of the connection with external channels. E.g. 1 Guest, 2 Guests, 3 Guests etc.
Set up different rates for external booking channels like or Expedia if you want different prices, e.g. 1 Guest OTA (OTA = Online Travel Agency).
Translate your rate plans for the booking engine.
Non-refundable rates? Create separate rates for this as well, like 1 Guest (non-refundable). We will connect these rates with your non-refundable rates on the external channels.
Check the add-ons on the top right of the page under 'package' for mandatory add-ons.

Add all of your rooms.
Connect every room to the correct category.

Add-ons and packages
Do you have add-ons that are not available for every room? Choose per category which add-on is bookable.
Set up any compulsory costs you have, e.g. cleaning fees.
If you want, you can set up package deals for your guests.
If you want to show add-ons on the breakfast list or the housekeeping list, tick the corresponding box in the settings of the add-on.
Looking to import an add-on from an external channel? Make sure to give the exact same name to the add-on.
Delete all the initial add-ons that you do not offer before going live, as this would cause some issues with guests that book them, assuming you can provide them.

Read what RaccoonPay has to offer here.
Activate RaccoonPay
Want to work with down-payments? Make sure to activate RaccoonPay on time.
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