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Checked Out A Reservation By Accident

It’s possible that you’ve clicked on check-out by mistake on a reservation which you wanted to cancel. This means that the room is not available to be booked for the day and cannot be dragged and dropped. If you want to make the room available again follow the steps below.

Simply open the reservation and scroll to the guest details.

Click on the drop down arrow.

Click the pencil icon and you will be able to change the reservation to another room or a grey room (e.g waiting room).

Grey rooms are rooms not included in the availability. If you place the reservation on this, the room will be available again.

Good to know

Always ensure that you click on the correct room status when changing room status as this can lead to unplanned check-outs and cancellations.

When the reservation is checked-out, the check out invoice will be automatically created. If the guest has no cancellation costs you can credit the invoice.

If you accidentally checked the reservation out instead of checking it in, it's best to leave the reservation in place. It will remain occupied as long for the duration of the guests stay.
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