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Channel Corrections

The channel correction indicates that your guest has booked a room for another rate which is not specified in RoomRaccoon. When a booking comes in with a different rate from an OTA, the reservation will be notes as “promotion” even of you haven’t added the promotion on RoomRaccoon.

The most common reason this happens is because booking channels have their own promotions. Even though you have not setup promotions on your booking channels, and Airbnb have their own various campaigns to guests as well.

An example of this is’s Genius booker status where guests get a 10% discount on any rate.

We highly recommend that you regularly check which discounts and policies you’ve set on external channels such as genius booker, last-minute, early bird discounts.

Good to know

Promotions are a way to gain competitive advantage for booking channels however a promotion like Genius Pro causes your room to be cheaper on than on your website which could translate to less direct bookings.

We therefore recommend for you to set all promotions on RoomRaccoon so that you have consistent rates and promotions across all channels.
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