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How to change general and manager Password

In RoomRaccoon you have two different passwords:

Manager password: Allows access to all areas of RoomRaccoon
General password: Allows basic access to RoomRaccoon's PMS and enables you to view credit card details.

Important! Please note that if you change the general password, previously stored credit card details will remain protected with your old password and will only be able to be seen with that old password.

Tip: save the general password in a safe place because we won't be able to recover it in the future

Here are the steps to change your password and manager password.

Login to RoomRaccoon with the Admin/manager password.
Click on Settings, the gear icon at the bottom left of your screen.
Type the new Password in the password section of your settings.
Click on save.

Did you forget your password and cannot log in? Click here
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