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How to Use The Cash Drawer

We understand that not all payments are cashless, which is why we created the cash drawer. Now you can easily keep track of all cash payments in your RoomRaccoon PMS.

Here’s how:

Click on the payments icon on the left side of your screen and select the the 'cash drawer' tab.

Select open cash drawer

Count the cash in your register and enter the amount into the Total in cash drawer field

The person counting the money enters their name whether it be you or a staff member.

If for example the count is incorrect a reason can be stated in the Remarks field.

If a guest pays with cash you can add this as you usually would in the reservation and it will automatically reflect in your cash drawer!

At the end of the day/shift simply count your register cash amount, enter it into the Total Field and close the cash drawer!

If the amount counted is different to the amount entered into the Total field the system will notify you and indicate this in the "Difference" column.

Do you keep a fixed amount in your cash register? You can withdraw and deposit cash into the Vault in order to maintain a fixed amount in your Cash register.
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