Bummer, you receive a cancellation for a reservation. How can you make sure the room that was booked, will be bookable again very shortly?

Cancellation of the reservation to make sure the room will be bookable again, always has to be done via the channel you received the booking in the first place. For example: when a booking was initially made via Booking or Expedia you have to cancel this booking there. However, a lot of channels will not allow you as a hotelier to cancel this reservation. Your guest will have to do this. When a guest calls your hotel, apartment or B&B to cancel you have to ask them to cancel their reservation in Booking as well. Especially bookings that came via external booking channels need to be cancelled timely. This because you will otherwise still pay the commission for this booking. 

Because getting in touch with the guest that wants to cancel and letting them actually cancel their booking with you can be quite a time consuming proces, it is convenient to use the grey rooms that have no influence on your occupancy. When you as a hotelier are certain that a booking will be cancelled and you want to make the room bookable as soon as possible, you can best move the booking that will be cancelled to a grey room so that the room that was initially booked, is free again.

Please note: When you drag it yourself and the reservation turns out not to be cancelled, you can set yourself up for overbooking. We would advise you to always ask the channel to send you a confirmation of the cancellation on forehand so you don't end up with two bookings. 
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