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Can I Ask for a Credit Card Guarantee for a Reservation?

Can I Ask for a Credit Card Guarantee for a Reservation?

If you do not want to ask for a prepayment, but you do want to have a guarantee for your reservation, you can set up a credit card guarantee. This can be done with RaccoonPay!

Credit cards as a guarantee support the hotelier in case of a no show. When the cancellation policy is free until 7 days before arrival and the guest cancels a few days before the stay, you might want to charge the guest for a certain amount.

Purpose of stored credit cards with RaccoonPay

When asking for a credit card as a guarantee, guests are more likely to avoid no-shows.

Stored credit cards can be charged at any moment, even if only a cancellation fee needs to be charged.

RaccoonPay transfers stored credit cards from OTAs to the RoomRaccoon reservation screen, to handle all actions in one environment.

Stored credit cards don't need to be charged. You can use them as a guarantee and still let your guests pay by card during check out or with payment requests.

Stored credit cards remain valid for future reservations. Does the guest come over more often? The credit card may be charged again.

How does it work?

Click on the credit card icon on the left of the menu bar and navigate to payment settings.

Tick the option Request credit card for non-prepaid reservations.

Click on save.

Good to know

When guests don't have a credit card, they can still pay the full amount with other (domestic) payment methods, by enabling the 'enable all payment methods by default' box.

Updated on: 04/08/2022

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