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Can I Add a Conference Room?

Can I Add a Conference Room

The RoomRaccoon PMS aims to empower you by giving you visibility of all bookable rooms you do not want to sell through your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine. Conference rooms are a type of grey room in RoomRaccoon so to add a conference room you simply need to add a grey room.

Add a new room

Simply add the grey room via the rooms tab in property settings by clicking + new room tab. Give your room a recognisable name and use the room numbers to influence the sorting order for your agenda.

You can use this for a conference room, bar or wedding venue. Once you assign this room you can start preparing invoices with tracked revenue reporting whilst having this room excluded from your occupancy rate.

Rooms that are not assigned to a room type show grey in your RoomRaccoon agenda. This makes it easy to see which rooms are bookable and which are not.

Good to know

In the drop-down menu, you are now asked to assign the room to one of your room types. For grey rooms, you should keep this on none as this prevents your conference room to mess with your occupancy rate.

Even though we speak often of rooms, you can use unassigned 'rooms' for almost everything. It is absolutely a great feature of your RoomRaccoon PMS.

Besides your conference room, why do you not also add your bikes, boats or use this extra field in your agenda to have some space for notes? Think about adding unassigned 'rooms' to keep track in your agenda on events in your city, do your staff planning or add a field for your room-service schedule that you need in the morning.

Updated on: 21/09/2022

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