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Booking And Cancellation Conditions

It’s important to clearly lay out your booking conditions and policies for guests to know what the expectations are. RoomRaccoon makes it easy to show your booking conditions not only on your booking engine but also on the documents you send to the guests.

To set up your booking and cancellation conditions

Select the settings gear at the bottom left to access the settings and go to the Booking Engine Tab

Scroll down to the Booking Conditions section which is on the right of the screen.

Here you can add a cancellation policy or any other important information you would like your guests to know before making the booking.

Click Save.

Good To Know

The booking confirmations need to be confirmed as read before the booking has been made via your booking engine.

These terms and conditions will be included in every automatic email that is sent out.

Other important conditions to include are House rules - Your property rules with considerations on pets, house-parties, noise hours, the expectation of when the air condition should be off etc.

Also include check-in and check-out times - When are guests expected to check-in? Should they want to check-in earlier or check-out later what’s the policy?
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