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The appearance of your booking engine plays a role in whether guests will continue to book via the booking engine. Therefore, it is important that your booking engine has a good appearance!
To adjust your booking engine settings, click on the gear at the bottom left of your screen and then open the 'Booking Engine' tab at the top.

Once the booking engine tab has loaded, you will be able to make various changes:

The branding can be set on the top right hand side of the screen. The logo you upload here will be visible on your Booking Engine as well as your invoices. Bear this in mind for the colour white, as it will disappear from the background of the invoices. If you still want keep the colour white in your logo, give your logo an outline.
You have the option to have your booking engine accessible in multiple languages (we recommend this to help increase foreign, direct bookings). Towards the left hand side of the screen you are able to select which languages ​​the Booking Engine is visible in. NOTE, your own content must be translated yourself. This includes the translations of the rate names, your descriptions, add-ons, etc.

Would you like to fully automise all of your payments? Then we recommend that you activate RaccoonPay. This is a payment solution from RoomRaccoon that not only makes it possible to work with prepayments but to also arrange payments from within the system, charge credit cards directly, request payment requests via iDEAL and have a credit card number is immediately verified. Activating RaccoonPay is easy!

Booking conditions
When making a reservation the name, number and email address of the guest is of course always requested. Would you also like to know the address of the guests? Make sure you tick this information box at the top left to ensure that adding this is mandatory!
Would you like to ensure that guests are not able to make a booking and then arrive at your door an hour later? You can select until what time same day bookings can be made via your website. Note: Please remember that this is only for your own website and not for your external channels. You will have to adjust this on your external channels yourself.
Indicate the maximum bookable stay.
Booking conditions can also be set under this section. Guests will then need to tick a box to indicate that they have read them before they can finalise their booking. Again, a translation will have to be attached if you have multiple languages.

Increase return guests!
Would you like to make it easier for guests to return to your website when making booking again? You can! Make sure your post stay document is set to make it easier for guests to rebook!
At the bottom of the booking engine page, you will find an option to create discount codes. These are discount codes that people can use on your own booking engine to stay at a certain discount. You can create this code yourself and send it out in your automated documents!

Whitelabel Booking Engine
RoomRaccoon gives the option to have a Booking Engine with your own URL!
Whereas this was already previously possible through an iframe, that workaround has difficulties with payments including 3DS and IDEAL, hence this only works for properties without pre-payments in their Booking Engine.
It is possible to use a custom domain of the property for the Booking Engine URL and 'Powered by RoomRaccoon' will be removed.
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