All About RaccoonIdentity

RaccoonID is a digital barcode scanner that scans identification documents by reading the barcodes and auto-filling guest information in the correct fields. Scanning allows for fast, contactless processing during manual and online check-in.

Reservation and Online Check-in

You may click on the reservation and use the OCR Scanner from the reservation tab.

All you have to do is navigate to the guest details and click on the drop-down.

With the Online Check-in you can see the OCR scanner option at the top of the page where your guest can scan their passport or ID.

Additional Benefits

Fast and efficient check-in: Reduce check-in queues and let guests kick up their feet sooner.

Save time: Streamlined check-in allows staff to spend more time and focus on the guest experience.

Reduce human error: ID scanning ensures an accurate account of all guests checked in.

Improved Guest Experience

Using RaccoonID allows guests who travel from far to check-in sooner and kick up their feet. By eliminating tedious manual input during busy check-in times, front desk receptionists won’t have to work under pressure and you can focus on welcoming guests and making their stay more comfortable and personal while minimising the potential for human error.

This easy-to-install technology will drive efficiency, promote guest information safety with contactless check-in, and allow more time for personal interaction with your guests.

Good to know

Ensure that you have a good camera for accurate data extraction from the Passport/ID.

The OCR scanner feature costs an extra upgrade slot, see more on our packages here. It is NOT premised on a cost per scan as RoomRaccoon covers the cost per scan.

For guest safety and security, Passport/ID data will not be stored on our system, this is just to fill in the check-in fields.

Always review data before verifying - we recommend performing spell-checks on all guest data scanned.

For more on how RaccoonIdentity works, click here.
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