Admin Password and Staff Password - What’s the Difference?

On RoomRaccoon there are two main login types which are the admin password and the staff password. The main difference with the two is the kind of access you get on either one.

Staff Password

The staff or team password allows your co-workers to see reservations, take payments and see rates and availability (view only).

With the hotel team passwords, the manager can create different logins for co-workers which can give them hotel staff access or manager access. The staff password however has limited access to the settings and dashboards of RoomRaccoon.

It is recommended that not many members of the team be given managers access as this has critical information and could become a security breach if information is accessible to many members.

Staff password gives you access to the following

Reservations - View reservations, edit them, take payments, change the status and create invoices

View rates and availability - Staff can only see this information and can’t access features like yield, bulk updates, RaccoonRev etc

Payments - View the payments dashboard and access to the cash register for cash payments

Administrator Password

The Administrator password is usually the password used by the manager and owner as this has full access to RoomRaccoon settings. With the administrator password you can configure more settings.

With the administrator password, more than just staff access you can configure the following:

Account settings - Company information, manager password, invoice settings, city tax and mandatory guest fields

Logins - Create logins for your staff and give them either hotel team or managers access to RoomRaccoon. You can also see the login log sheet here

Booking Engine - Booking conditions, branding, discount codes, online check-in payment etc.

Documents - Configure the post-stay, pre-stay, booking confirmation, payment request and other custom documents

Billing - Billing information such as the subscription tier, current subscription, packages, units and billing terms

Connectivity - Request connections via the connectivity centre

With the administrator's password you can also configure the property details (key icon) and this means you can create and manage room types, rates, add-ons and ledgers.

Good to know

For more on how to create passwords for your co-workers, click here

To restrict reports for your staff to see financials you can select restricted reports on account settings, click here for more on activating restricted reports.

The main login can track all changes in one overview. On each login, there’s a timeline tab when clicked this gives data on all changes the employee has made on bookings.
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