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If you are using our financial reports function or a direct accounting connection, you can add, modify and delete a ledger that is connected with a revenue type using the following steps:

Creating a new ledger:

Go to accommodation settings (key icon)
Click on 'ledgers' at the top of your screen
Click on 'new ledger' at the top right of your screen
Enter a name for the revenue type, a ledger (number), a VAT percentage, and a VAT code
Click 'save' at the top right of your screen
You have now created a new revenue type, make sure you link this revenue type to an add-on. See article: Connecting add-ons to a ledger

Modifying a ledger:

If you have created a ledger but you did not use it in an invoice yet, you can still modify both the name of the revenue type, the ledger number, the VAT percentage, and the VAT code. Once this ledger has been used in one or multiple invoices, you cannot change the VAT percentage anymore, but you can still change the name of the revenue type / the ledger number / the VAT code. We kindly ask you to read the following paragraph carefully in case you want to make changes.

Once you make an adjustment, it cannot be corrected in your accounting software for past data. However, if you use our financial reports function for your bookkeeping (so you download the info from RoomRaccoon), then adjustments will also have impact on your past settings. NOTE: This can have negative consequences for your bookkeeping!!! For example: suppose you change a ledger's number to a new number after a few months, but after 1 year you want to change it back to the old ledger number, then we cannot see when exactly these changes were made. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us if you want to make such an adjustment.

Deleting a ledger:

Once a new ledger has been added in accommodation settings > ledgers, you can still delete it if this revenue type has not yet been used in an invoice. If it has already been used in an invoice, then it cannot be deleted. In that case, it is best to add a new ledger and link the add-on(s) to this newly created ledger. Did you accidentally create an invoice with a certain revenue type, but you want to include another revenue type? Credit the invoice, change the revenue type in the add-ons section, save and then create a new invoice with the correct type of turnover.
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