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Get started with RaccoonPay!

Great! You want to get started with RaccoonPay. To ensure you have everything you need for this activation, please read through this article carefully.

Required documents
You will require the following documentation in order to activate RaccoonPay:
Valid copy of your ID or Passport
Example extract Chamber of Commerce (max 6 months old)
Business bank statement (max 6 months old)
Sole traders

Do you have these three documents at hand? Great! We can now proceed to activate RaccoonPay!

Navigate to the > credit card icon and navigate to the tab > RaccoonPay.
Step 1: Enter your company details as well as the banking details of your company.
Step 2: Enter the UBO*
Step 3: Add the copy of your ID, company registration and bank statement here.
Indicate how many pin devices you will use via RaccoonPay, don't have one? Enter 0 here.
Click send! We will activate your account within 2 business days.

Good to know
If we are missing any of the above mentioned documents, you will receive an e-mail where we will ask you to send the required documents again. Guests are able to do payments, however payouts are put on hold and/or deactivated.

What does UBO mean?
UBO stands for Ultimate Beneficial Owner, or the interested party of an organization. These are the persons who ultimately own or control RaccoonPay.

What is 3D Secure?
3D Secure payments are credit card transactions whereby the cardholder not only enters their card details, but will also be required to enter a code or password sent to them via their bank. This reduces the risk of fraud (transactions carried out with a stolen card) and guarantees your payment as the cardholder can no longer claim a chargeback.

What is the cost of RaccoonPay?
The cost of RaccoonPay varies per payment method. You are able to find the overview of costs related with RaccoonPay here.
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