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ZA - How to Set Up Debit Order for Your Roomraccoon Subscription

From now on, all of our South African clients will be able to pay their subscription via Debit Order!

How to get started:

Click this link to get started: Billing Tab

Select Debit Order if you are a South African client

Fill in all details required under the E-Mandate tabs

IMPORTANT:* A Mobile** phone number & Email are needed for OTP Verification. Phone numbers must be in the following format: 062 487 5726 . +27 format or overseas phone numbers are NOT compliant.

IMPORTANT The sections "Property Name" and "Bank Holder" Can only accept up to 20 characters, please continue even if the full name cannot be entered.

Click on save when all information has been added. Once you click save you will see that the information will be saved like this:

Once this has been completed and and you have filled in the right phone number and email address to authenticate, You will receive an email from our Debit Order partner, Netcash

After clicking on the link, you will be required to fill in the OTP received and click submit

Fill in the required information under '**capture contact details**', then click submit.

Continue the process and fill in relevant information for '**bank details**', then click on submit.

Continue the process by filling in the relevant information if needed, then click on submit.

Read the information and click on sign.

Verify the signed document with the OTP sent to your mobile phone number and click confirm

Once filled in, you can download the document and a confirmation email will be sent from Netcash

Please note that this is a confirmation to allow RoomRaccoon to debit your bank account in future instead of paying by credit card.

Good to know:

Since we are now able to bill our clients from our South African entity, note that your next invoice will have VAT added on top of your normal subscription fee.
Even if you are on yearly subscription, you would still be required to fill out the debit order mandate in case you need to add new rooms, get charged for Google Hotel Ads commission, or if you would like to add a new feature in future.
The debit order will take place around the 25th of each month.
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