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Why Should I Check My Guests Out?

Check-out is an important point of contact and often the last chance to make a good impression on your guests. RoomRaccoon makes check-out as smooth as possible. During check-out, the guest is in front of you and it’s nice to not have to dig around for all the printed bills (which were prepared the night before) and find the right invoice? With our one click check-out you can open the guest's reservation and print out the invoice. Another coke from the minibar? No problem! Adding an extra add-on before check-out is easy!

Tip 1:
As soon as you set the status of the reservation to checked-out, an invoice will immediately be generated. This will directly reflect on your invoice download which is needed for your accounting.

Tip 2:
Did you set up the post departure mail? As soon as you check out the reservation, this triggers the post departure email. In such emails you can add coupon codes or specialties to trigger guests to book again and book directly!

Tip 3:
Do you work with the housekeeping list? The housekeeping will see the status that the reservation has been checked out and can be cleaned for the next guest.
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