A common feature of the RoomRaccoon system is the automatic templates. Just a little reminder of the documents being sent:

Reservation confirmation: The reservation confirmation is sent at the time of the booking.
Returning guest confirmation: When the email address is recognized, the system sees the booker as the returning guest. NOTE: A guest can sometimes be recognized but if this guest books via Booking for example, Booking will always generate a new email address so the system will not see this guest as a returning guest. It might be a perfect moment to agree on a fixed rate when booking through your own website!

Pre-arrival and post-arrival: The pre-arrival and post-arrival emails can be set to the desired number of days before and after you want to send them. You can set this by clicking on the cogwheel at the bottom left of your screen and at the account page at the right side you can set the days in the box below:

Tip: Use your pre-arrival email to inform the guest of any extras they can choose. This is a perfect upsell possibility of nice arrangements or dinners if you have a restaurant or cafe. You can also link your POS to RoomRaccoon to let everything communicate with each other. Read more about giving a _final goodbye or first hello by using the templates__._

Use the after departure emails to send discount codes to guests who want to come back with you directly to book.

Payment request and payment confirmation: The payment request and the payment confirmation are both sent automatically when using STRIPE. When a request for a deposit is made, the guest will receive an email from STRIPE. For each payment received by STRIPE, the guest will also receive a payment confirmation.

Payment reminder: The payment reminder is a document you can send out from within the debtor report. When an invoice is overdue, you can asked them kindly to pay the invoice by sending out this document. 

Other documents: These are the only documents that do not send automatically. You can select and forward them manually from the system. Think for example of information for a large event that you would like to keep people informed of but only for a certain period of time.
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