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What Is Derived Pricing?

Your derived prices are a variation of your categories standard rates, This is the rate that appears in bold within your PMS in the category rates and the standard price that usually appears on your booking engine.

The function of this tool allows hoteliers to:

Manage less of their rates individually.

Save valuable time when setting up their accommodation within RoomRaccoon.

Have a clear overview of packages, discounts and specials you offer to your guests.

A fast and effective way of managing your rates.

Create OTA rates or special rates for your room categories that are not visible in your Booking engine.

The rates in light grey are derived from the standard rate at the top.

A good example for commonly used derived prices are non-refundable rates or rates based on occupancies.

Non Refundable Rates:

Let's say your double rooms have a standard rate of R100 per night per person and you would like to offer a 5% discount for corporate guests who stay alone. Instead of having to manage two separate rates, you can simply add a 5% discount to your standard rate. If you decide to increase your standard rate due to an event in your city, the single use rate will adjust itself accordingly.

Rates based on Occupancy:

Let's say your double rooms have a standard rate of R100 per night, per guest, you can simply add an amount or percentage to that rate for 2 guests per night. Below we can see that the price for one guest is R10000 and the derived price for 2 guests is an additional R2000.

Example of the accommodation set-up:

Once your derived prices have been set up you can view them in the Categories Tab

Breakfast not included.

Breakfast included.

Not visible.

Visible on your booking engine.

Prepayment required.

Prepayment not required.

Example of the channel manager

How to Set Up Derived Rates
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